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In this short video from Andy Shaw and A Bug Free Mind, Andy examines just about the most important exercises in taking back power over our mind with the Nutter within. No Mind working out is employed to control the chatter that goes on inside many peoples minds and show to ourselves, that any of us may actually control your own minds, and so they dont control us!
Andy Shaw:
“If you want absolute power and therapy for your individual mind, you should obtain the condition of ‘No Mind’.
Your thoughts is very a tool similar to a drill and the issue folk have not competed in ways to use the tool. As with tool it needs to be practiced with and mastered. They’re worth leave a drill to jog endlessly.
No, you should figure it out and employ it if it was needed. This is the way you have to be with your mind. This technique belongs to the inspiration of making the life you want. All you have to do is now always practice And soon you master No Mind.”
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